Summary of RCE Cymru Conference 6 & 7th of November 2019

Regional Centre for Expertise Cymru

Tuesday 6th of November 2019

Let’s talk value:  How RCE Cymru will create value for our institutions and Welsh society.

Dr Einir Young opening the RCE Cymru Conference

The focus of the day was on ‘value’. This was the first opportunity for the RCE Cymru circles of interest to join forces.  Professor Carol Adams, Durham University gave a thought provoking presentation to start the day on ‘What is ‘value’?’.  Participants worked in groups, facilitated by Mike Palmer, to discuss the following questions:

  • What do we mean by value in the context of RCE Cymru?
  • What does this mean for each circle of interest?
  • Can you identify the main challenges for the circles of interest?
  • How could one of the challenges identified help your circle demonstrate the value of collaboration through RCE Cymru?

This led on to a final discussion on how to take these challenges forward.  We did not succeed to answer the ‘value’ question in full – this is an ongoing challenge for us.

Wednesday 7th of November 2019

It’s Good to Share – Universities joining forces to put the Well-being of Future Generations Act into practice

Chris Deacy, addressing RCE Cymru Conference participants

This event was all about bringing emerging circles of interest around the Well-being of Future Generations in the Higher Education sector (HE sector) to the attention of the wider array of public services across Wales and to invite them to join in on a journey towards a new, collaborative way of working.  Whilst the HE sector is not required to comply with the Well-being of Future Generations Act (WFGA), many within the sector have embraced it.

The  Future Generations Commissioner presented her opening remarks, followed by a series of short presentations from the circles of interest which included:

  • Healthy Universities and Colleges
  • Resilient Communities
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Language and Culture
  • Circular Economy Innovation
  • Social Prescribing

An interactive discussion session led by the Good Practice Exchange followed, with delegates given the opportunity to learn more about the circles of interest and RCE Cymru.  The Future Commissioner reflected on the day’s learning, stating that the Welsh Higher Education sector is a ‘megastore of information’, and that collaboration with others outside the sector is essential in order to ensure that it’s accessible.  This will be one of the challenges for RCE Cymru moving forward.

Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner in a group discussion with RCE Cymru conference participants


This event, organised by Bangor University’s Sustainability Lab on behalf of the Higher Education Future Generations Group was supported by the Bangor University ESRC Impact Acceleration Account and held in partnership with the Wales Audit Office Good Practice Exchange.