Resilient Communities

Regional Centre for Expertise Cymru

Resilient Communities

Vision statement
To create direct community participation and enable co-production of knowledge with local communities, academics and organisations to facilitate economic regeneration, skills development and social inclusion.

Support Employment Initiatives and Training within areas of high deprivation

Provide a multi-disciplinary approach to Regeneration via teaching, training, research and community engagement within communities via Schools of Health & Sport Science, Management, Education & Social Policy, Art & Design

Provide a collaborative network, information and skills resource to enhance the capacity of universities, community organisations, businesses, NGOs and public sector to achieve economic regeneration, skills development and social inclusion throughout Wales.

Provide a forum to share good practice and facilitate knowledge exchange between academia, business and policy makers.

Increase Collaborative Community Led Regeneration Research capacity in Welsh universities, Community Organisations and Public Sector

Provide evidence to inform Government Policy and Programmes.

Develop an online REGEN forum to facilitate exchange of good practice, funding opportunities, news and events. 

Showcase the REGEN Hub outputs internationally, thus supporting the development of international partnerships.

Collaborate on curriculum development and delivery.

Work with the Global Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) network to share learning and good practice at regional, national and international levels.


Dr Lyndon Murphy
Cardiff Metropolitan University