Social Prescribing

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Social Prescribing

Social prescribing is a way of linking people to community-based, non-medical support.  The aim of the network is to build the critical evidence for social prescribing in Wales.
Its objectives are:

Develop and agree through consensus the research priorities for social prescribing (SP).

Promote connections between academics, practitioners (with common topic interests within social prescribing) and other stakeholders to support co-produced research and evaluation grant submissions in accordance with the research priorities.

Promote and develop a critical dialogue about social prescribing research priorities by building a virtual network connected by email and face to face meetings.

Explore how best we can evaluate SP.

Connect local people (academics, practitioners, members of the public) and organisations to promote community engagement and co-production in developing research for social prescribing.

Build a web based resource and other social media resources to promote the social prescribing research network.

Link with social prescribing networks outside of Wales to exchange experiences and work together on new research ideas.


Professor Carolyn Wallace
University of South Wales

Wales School for Social Prescribing Research

WSSPR is a virtual all-Wales school which aims to develop a social prescribing evaluation methodology.

The rapidly growing enthusiasm for social prescribing and its potential to influence delivery of services in primary care have exceeded expectation but the development of its evidence base and robust quality standards for evaluation have trailed (Lovell et al, 2017; Bickerdike et al, 2017).
WSSPR will sit within PRIME Centre Wales under the theme ‘Seamless Care Closer to Home’, within the work package ‘Care Closer to Communities’.
For further details: 
Twitter: WssprCymru